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Successful events the mutual goal

We operate in solid cooperation with organisations, companies and specialists in the industry.

Partner cooperation
brings success

Jaakko Tennilä, Promaint ry

Although many things can be handled online, there is nothing to beat meeting face to face. Our members participate extensively in professional events both in Finland and internationally. We believe that for our association, too, it is important to be present at events where our stakeholders are represented. 

We have worked in partnership with Expomark since day one and have been extremely satisfied with what has been achieved together. Flexibility in arranging events and a wide number of connections to actors in the branch have made some really successful events possible. All-round professional skill and a desire to develop events on market terms are in Expomark’s genes. 

Jaakko Tennilä
Office Manager
Kunnossapitoyhdistys Promaint ry –
the Finnish Maintenance Society

Sinikka Rantala, Invalidiliitto ry

In the assistive technology branch it is truly important, I feel, that both users of assistive technology and those who make decisions on purchasing the same have the chance to see and try out different options. New solutions are constantly coming onto the market which deserve to get visibility in order for the sector as a whole to move forward.

Apuvälinemessut – Assistive Technology is the biggest event in its field in Finland and it is the place to meet old acquaintances, build networks and possibly take part in different seminars and training sessions. I am delighted to see that quite many of our member associations organise full-day excursions to the event. For the associations it is one of the year’s high points.

Invalidiliitto – the Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities and Expomark have staged Assistive Technology together since the very beginning back in 1988 and I personally have experience of this cooperation covering twenty years or so. In particular I value Expomark’s wide-ranging expertise and excellent continuous dialogue when events are being planned and arranged. In my opinion active listening to partners is one of Expomark’s strengths. In the event industry the ability to operate flexibly is also important because situations may change rapidly. In that respect when working with Expomark I have never noticed any problems, rather the reverse.

Sinikka Rantala
Communications Director
Invalidiliitto ry –
the Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabi