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About us

We make things happen

The future demands encounters

Expomark brings together specialists, expertise and solutions in multiple sectors by organising top professional events all over Finland: in Tampere, Oulu, Kalajoki, Helsinki and Riihimäki. Our mission is to promote Finnish business by enabling encounters that are literally game-changing. We are a subsidiary of the Finnish Fair Corporation and our team of seven is based in Jyväskylä.

Our events include Pohjoinen Teollisuus – Northern Industry, Energiamessut – The Energy Event, Proforest, Apuväline-tapahtuma – Assistive Technology, Hyvä Ikä – Good Age and Fysioterapia & Kuntoutus – Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation.

Encounters. Perspectives. Insights.

Top professional events bring together specialists, expertise and solutions. By enabling productive encounters we serve to promote Finnish business.

Sustainable events

We shoulder responsibility for people, the environment and economic resilience.

Partners and cooperation

We arrange events in close cooperation with experts in the branch.

Kuvassa Expomarkin tiimi kesällä ulkona lehmuksen alla

We are a link that connects industry professionals, expertise and solutions

Expomark’s unique expertise lies in always bringing together influencers in a particular branch in an atmosphere that is forward-looking and creative. At these inspiring events people have the opportunity to get excited about their field, other professionals in the branch and developing a better future together. Cooperation gives birth to new insights, shared knowledge and a boost to the progress of Finnish business.

story of expomark

Encounters always generate something new

Our story, which spans 30 years, has brought us both solid experience and the capacity to embrace change.

Our values

Collective force

  • Successful events can only be conjured up through cooperation
  • Together we are more and we embrace renewal boldly
  • The team brings joy and shared well-being


  • We listen to our networks and recognise tacit signals
  • We help our customers to develop their own business operations
  • Together we build a better future


  • We treat all people equally
  • Sustainability is at the core of what we do
  • We recognise our responsibility and promote solutions that foster the environment

Expomark is part of the Finnish Fair Corporation

Finland’s largest event organiser stages a variety of quality events and rents facilities and services to create arenas for the same.

Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre
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