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About us Sustainability


For us sustainability means deeds

Alongside collective force and renewal, sustainability is one of Expomark’s three values that guide our operations. We pay attention to social and economic responsibility in everything we do, as well as the impacts our operations have on the environment. We promote sustainability action in harmonious cooperation with our service partners and event venues in the different places where we operate.

Expomark is part of the Finnish Fair Corporation. The group’s environmental system has been ISO 14001 certified since 2009. In the Finnish Fair Corporation committed efforts are made to achieving the goals of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Sustainability when staging events

For us sustainability means deeds

We develop sustainable events and services related to them in cooperation with our partners operating in different event locations. By working together and communicating clearly we can jointly bring about better recycling and reuse as well as reduce wastage. Take a look at the information concerning individual events!

We bring employment and earnings to the event area

Our events serve to boost Finnish business. The economic impacts of each event in the local area are also considerable.

A successful event demands a well-functioning service network and competent staff during the event itself. Expomark enjoys solid cooperation with its service partners in their respective areas. The events also provide a boost to other services locally, such as accommodation and catering.

We nurture well-being and security

Healthy, satisfied personnel, contented partners and a safe working environment create a sustainable foundation for staging events.

In our facilities and events we nurture an atmosphere which is egalitarian, respectful and open. Every person is welcome to our events just the way they are.

Events create a more sustainable world

All our events offer fresh perspectives and practical solutions for operating sustainably. Particularly prominent among the many topical subjects in each sector are future energy solutions, sustainable development, environmental liability, accessibility, equality and humaneness.