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Powerful face-to-face medium

An event is an exceptional medium that enables you to meet exactly the right target group face-to-face. Authentic encounters permit networking, an opportunity to inspire and become inspired, to try out new products, do business and take the branch forward in a totally unique manner. Building the future is a shared endeavour. Join in and make an impression!

Advanced media environments

Each of our event brands forms a powerful media environment of its own.

Visitors to our events represent tribes and reference groups who are dedicated to their thing and arrive with their senses primed – ready to be influenced, make purchases and learn something new.

All our trade fair events have been developed in close cooperation with the branches concerned.

Why a face-to-face medium?

There is something magical about a face-to-face medium: in no other medium can you create the same personal relationship with your client. At a trade fair you encounter thousands of customers with high purchasing power in one go, and where designing a campaign is concerned your imagination is the only limit. Do business, carry out a launch, boost awareness of your brand; a tailored target group is waiting just for you.

A face-to-face medium brings together similarly minded tribes and professional reference groups in an exceptional manner. At a trade fair you will be mixing with a ready-selected target group – these people do not want to pass you by, quite the opposite, they want to make your acquaintance. 

Trade fairs present a solution to both strategic and tactical marketing goals. Authentic encounters are an excellent way of boosting recognition, reinforcing brand image and projecting brand personality. Plan your participation in an event as part of the annual marketing cycle and create success indicators in line with your goals.

Build events into your annual clock and marketing goals and turn the face-to-face medium into a compelling marketing whole. Where planning is concerned, your imagination is the only limit: settle on your goals and build effective encounters around them.

89 % of those who attend specialist events take part in order to acquire knowledge of new products and services as well as of other interesting developments in the branch.

nSight 2023

Proven effectiveness

79 % of those who attend specialist events do so in order to meet people in their particular branch as well as network.

nSight 2023

Facts, figures and tips

Please see the website of Meta ry – the Association of Trade Fair and Event Organisers – for a substantial amount of research data on the trade fair and event industry. The website provides not only hard facts but also inspiration and perspectives on participating in an event.

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