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General terms of participation 2024

By signing the registration form or sending an online registration the Exhibitor agrees to participate in the trade fair event and follow these general terms of participation as well as any supplemental terms and conditions or instructions given.

  1. Exhibitors and products

Exhibitors can be manufacturers, producers, sellers, or their authorised representatives, of products and services listed in the product groups of the event, as well as industrial organisations and specialist journals. Only the products and services approved by Expomark Oy (later “Organiser”) can be displayed. The Organiser has the right to remove other exhibits, as well as products and services that may endanger or disturb other exhibitors or the public.

  1. Exhibitor registration and cancellation of participation

A binding exhibitor registration is made by sending a registration form to the Organiser in paper or electronic format. After receiving the Exhibitor’s registration, the Organiser approves it and confirms it to the Exhibitor in paper or electronic format. The Organiser has the right to reject a registration.

The Organiser also has the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel its approval prior to or during the event, terminate the agreement and return any payments already made, if the Exhibitor or their employees, owners or other related bodies have acted contrary to law or fair practice or if the Organiser believes that their participation in the trade fair could cause disruption or danger to trade fair visitors or other exhibitors. In such a case, the Exhibitor is not entitled to any compensation other than a refund of payments from the Organiser. The Exhibitor has no right to sublet or transfer their stand or part of it to a third party without a prior written consent of the Organiser.

  1. Retail sale and serving of food and alcoholic beverages

As a rule, retail sale is allowed during the event unless forbidden in these terms or otherwise. Products must not be stored in a visible place at the stand.

Specifically designated restaurants have exclusive rights to restaurant activities in the event venue. The Exhibitor, however, has the right to offer tasting of food and non-alcoholic beverages at their stand as long as it is free of charge. Selling takeaway food is also allowed. Selling food and drinks for consuming in situ is forbidden unless otherwise expressly agreed in advance between the parties. In restaurant and food sector events, the terms and conditions specifically agreed for each event are followed. The Exhibitor is responsible for preparing and following a self-monitoring plan and filing any notifications / applying for permits required by the Food Act, as well as meeting any other requirements. Serving alcoholic beverages is forbidden in all forms unless otherwise expressly agreed in advance between the parties.

  1. Positioning of trade fair stands

The Organiser determines the final location of stands taking into account the appropriate use of the halls, display-specific sector grouping and, as far as possible, exhibitors’ preferences. The Organiser has the right to increase or reduce the area reserved by the Exhibitor by max. 10% or change the stand location without consulting the Exhibitor in the case that the floor plan layout changes completely or partially from the original plan.

  1. Cancellation of registration or stand size reduction and return of the right to use the stand to the Organiser

5.1. The Exhibitor has the right to cancel their registration or reduce the size of the display space originally reserved within seven (7) days from the date of confirmation sent by the Organiser. Such a cancellation or change must be made in writing. If the Exhibitor cancels their registration or reduces the size of the display space later, the Organiser has the right to charge full participation fees in accordance with the confirmed registration. If registration has been made less than thirty (30) days before the start date of the event, the reservation is binding as of the registration date. These terms of cancellation and payment also apply to the entire stand solution booked during the registration.

5.2. The right to use the stand returns to the Organiser in the case that:

  1. the Exhibitor cancels their registration; or
  2. the Exhibitor fails to pay participation fees within the schedule defined in the terms of participation of the trade fair concerned; or
  3. the Exhibitor fails to take the stand into use by 12 noon at the latest on the day preceding the opening day, unless otherwise agreed; or
  4. the Exhibitor otherwise violates the terms of participation or supplemental information.

If the right to use the stand returns to the Organiser in accordance with this section 5.2, the Organiser is entitled to charge the full participation fee specified in the registration confirmed by the Organiser. In this case, the Organiser also has the right to sell the stand to another exhibitor or use it for other purposes.

  1. Stand mounting

The Exhibitor is responsible for the mounting, decoration, dismounting, removal, cleaning and waste management of their own stand. Any kind of suspension or fastening on the ceiling, pillar and wall constructions of the halls is forbidden. The price of the stand solution rented from the Organiser includes the mounting and dismounting of constructions included in the stand.

The Exhibitor is responsible for all works and supplies ordered by them to the stand, as well as for any other costs caused to the Organiser by their stand, including by their subcontractors or equivalent. The Organiser is entitled to charge for the services ordered by the Exhibitor prior to the event. The Organiser has the right to limit the size of the trade fair stand. The following always requires prior approval from the Organiser:

– Positioning of an exhibition item with the weight exceeding 1,000 kg or the length exceeding 2.5 m

– Structural or decorative solutions with the height exceeding 250 cm (a permit from the neighbouring stand owner is also required, if the item is placed within 1 metre or less from the border of the neighbouring stand).

– Building up of two-storey display constructions

The Exhibitor must apply for a written authorisation from the Organiser for the aforementioned items no later than 45 days prior to the trade fair event concerned.

  1. Display and dismanting of stands

The exhibitor must get the Organiser’s prior approval for the following:

– Display of names of all other than the Exhibitor, their agents and representatives at the trade fair stand. For such a display, a registration fee or a visibility and environmental fee or the lowest participation fee is charged except in the case of a shared stand agreed with the Organiser during the registration or unless otherwise agreed in the terms of participation of the trade fair concerned.

– Distribution of products and marketing material other than those owned by the Exhibitor and all distribution and other activities outside the borders of the Exhibitor’s own stand.

– Stands must not be emptied or dismantled before the start of the official dismounting time. The Organiser informs the official dismantling time separately for each trade fair event. An exhibitor, who violates the aforementioned stipulation, is liable to pay a penalty of thousand (1,000) Euros to the Organiser. If the Exhibitor fails to dismantle their stand within the indicated dismantling times, the Organiser has the right to dismantle the stand on behalf of the Exhibitor and charge related dismantling and storage costs to the Exhibitor.

  1. Damage and insurance

The Exhibitor is liable for all damage caused by breakage, theft, etc. to constructions, equipment and exhibits or other similar property at their stand. The Exhibitor is liable for all personal, material and other damage caused by the constructions, equipment, exhibits and activities at their stand and by their subcontractors that may be caused to third parties (such as trade fair visitors or other exhibitors), the Organiser, trade fair buildings and/or the trade fair area. The Exhibitor is responsible for taking out appropriate personal, property, vehicle and third party liability insurance policies. The Organiser is responsible for any damage that may be caused to exhibitors or third parties by the actions of its own personnel and equipment and buildings of the Organiser.

  1. Electricity and electrical works

The Organiser is responsible for the general illumination in the area. The Exhibitor must place an order with the Organiser for electric current required at their stand, including any necessary installation work. The Exhibitor is responsible for the electrical equipment that they bring to the stand. Electrical installations in the Organiser’s premises are carried out by an electrical contractor authorised by the Organiser. The Organiser is not liable for any damage caused by a power failure.

  1. Water and compressed air

The Exhibitor must order any necessary work related to water, drainage and compressed air from an installation firm, selected by the Organiser, who will perform HVAC connections. Costs caused by work related to water, drainage and compressed air and consumption of water and compressed air are paid by the Exhibitor.

  1. Guarding, fire safety and security

The Organiser is responsible for fire monitoring and public order at the event venue. However, the Organiser disclaims all liability for possible damage or loss of goods, constructions, etc. of the Exhibitor. As regards fire safety and constructions and materials of the trade fair stand, in addition to applicable laws and regulations, the safety instructions of the event must be followed. The Exhibitor must apply for a prior permit from the police or fire safety authority for any constructions, equipment or presentations that may be subject to authorisation. When presenting machines or other technical equipment, in addition to the Occupational Safety and Health Act and Regulations, the safety instructions of the event must be followed.

  1. Demonstrations

The Exhibitor is responsible for the appropriate prior inspection of films, videos, other visual programmes and recordings before their public performance in the Organiser’s premises, as well as for licences and fees required by the copyright law regarding musical and other performances at their stand. The Organiser pays Teosto and Gramex fees on behalf of exhibitors. Performances must not disturb neighbouring stands.

  1. ID cards and invitations

The Exhibitor’s stand personnel and subcontractors must visibly wear ID cards provided by the Organiser during the preparation and dismatling works and trade fair opening hours. The Exhibitor has no right to sell event invitation cards or access cards further.

  1. Delivery and collection of goods

For each delivery, a person must be present on site to receive and check the delivery. If the Exhibitor’s personnel is not available, the Organiser’s logistics partner takes control of the delivery and delivers it to the stand indicated in the delivery document as a chargeable service in accordance with its current pricelist. The same applies to deliveries returned after the trade fair.

  1. Force majeure

The Organiser has the right to cancel the trade fair or reschedule it, if the trade fair cannot be organised at the agreed time due to a force majeure circumstance. The Organiser takes no liability for any delays, harm or damage caused by a cancellation or postponement of the trade fair because of a force majeure circumstance. The Exhibitor is not released from its obligations and is not entitled to a refund of any fees paid, if the Organiser postpones the event to a new date because of a force majeure circumstance. The due date of any unpaid payments will be postponed correspondingly. An event beyond the control of the Organiser, which the Organiser cannot have reasonably taken into account at the time of signing the contract and the consequences of which the Organiser could not reasonably have avoided or overcome, is considered a force majeure case. The following, for example, are considered to constitute force majeure: interruption of general energy production, fire or other similar event preventing the use of trade fair premises, a natural catastrophe, earthquake, war or riot, a pandemic or a state of emergency or other reason that may endanger the safety of trade fair participants and/or exhibitors. A strike, lockout, boycott and other industrial action also constitute a force majeure circumstance when the Organiser is the target of or involved in such an action. A force majeure event suffered by a subcontractor of the Organiser is also considered a reason for release of obligations.

  1. Other terms and conditions

The currently applicable value added tax is added to prices specified by the Organiser. Expomark sends invoices to foreign exhibitors without VAT provided that the exhibitor has presented their VAT number during registration. If a company does not have a VAT number or the VAT number has not been indicated, invoices are sent including VAT according to the Finnish tax rate. Interest on delayed payment is 16%.

In case of difference of opinion, the Finnish terms of participation apply. Any disputes between the parties that cannot be solved via negotiations will be settled as the first instance in the Helsinki District Court. The applicable law is the law of Finland.

19 August 2020