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Events Guidelines and permissions

Guidelines and permissions

eShop online service

First register as a user if you do not already have a username and password for the service. After registration you can log in, place orders and take care of matters connected to your participation in an event.

Your email address serves as your eShop username. Decide on your password for yourself. If your password has been lost or forgotten, you can request a new password via the Forgotten Password? function.

You may freely explore our range of fairs and events, stand solutions, services and price list without login, too. You can also purchase participation in an event without logging in.

Log into the eShop service and on the Your Registrations page choose the desired event. This takes you to the event workspace. Orders related to the stand can be viewed on the Stand Info page.

Permits and security

According to Finland’s alcohol licensing legislation the sale and serving of alcoholic beverages is always subject to license and monitored. Any seller of alcoholic beverages must have the appropriate license issued by the regional state administrative authority. At Expomark’s events this license is held by the event’s restaurateur. The alcohol act prohibits exhibitors bringing their own or sponsored alcoholic drinks to events.

Serving and tasting foodstuffs as well as sales of packaged food products is permitted on event stands. Please check any possible event-specific limitations on foodstuff tasting with our customer service. Sales of foodstuffs must not compete with the products offered by restaurant partners. Coffee can be served on the stand but not sold.

If you are serving or selling foodstuffs on your stand, notification of this must be given well in advance of the event to the regional office of the Finnish Ministry of Environment in the city concerned. If you are serving just small amounts of sweets, potato crisps or coffee on your stand, no notification needs to be given.

Balloons containing gas cannot be handed out at all event locations. Typical balloons inflated with air – on a stick, for instance – are permitted. Check that balloons containing gas are permitted right at the planning stage.

Exhibitors are obliged to provide customers paying cash or using a charge card with a receipt. The receipt may be printed, written by hand or electronic. See >>

Music must not cause disturbance to neighbouring stand. The limit on volume is 75 dB. Please note any event-specific limitations.

Exhibitors are responsible for proper preliminary examination (e.g. age limits) of films, videos, other audiovisual material and recordings as well as permits and royalties as required by copyright legislation for music and similar works used on the stand.

Expomark handles payment on behalf of exhibitors of Teosto and Gramex royalties incurred at its events. Performers of live music must supply Teosto with a statement of the musical compositions performed and their authors as well as take care of any Teosto payments incurred. Remind performers at your event of this obligation.

If your stand features demonstrations of work, the area for this must be monitored and clearly delimited.  If so-called hot work is involved which carries the risk of fire, the work demonstration area must meet the requirements for a regular hot work location. Always discuss the organisation of work demonstrations in advance with Expomark’s representatives. Demonstrations of work should be carefully considered right at the planning stage and in many cases this also has an influence on where the stand is situated.

Handling dangerous goods and storing these on the stand requires the appropriate license. Please contact Expomark’s staff regarding event-specific guidelines.

Expomark is responsible for the general security of its events, such as access control and customer safety. We check the security of each event before the start of the same and conduct close cooperation with the authorities. Our liability insurance covers the actions of Expomark staff, equipment and buildings against damages caused to a third party.

Our customers are responsible for their own stands, products and the safety of their stand’s structures. The event constructors are responsible for the construction safety of any stand they have built as regards damage to both property and persons. Safety can be easily improved by making small choices. Please ensure you have the appropriate insurance. Do not leave items of value lying around at the end of the day. The risk of theft is at is greatest during the first minutes after the event day comes to an end. Consider whether you need extra equipment such as showcases, locking, security tethers, guarding or storage services.

Please note that the event area is not a safe place for children during building and tearing down.

Should an accident occur, act as follows:

  • notify the Event Office of the accident or damage
  • prevent further damage or injury from occurring
  • in case of theft, break-in or vandalism inform the police
  • file a damage report with the insurance company

Designing the stand

At events arranged by Expomark each stand must have structures separating it from the neighbouring stand or stands, unless event-specific instructions to the contrary are given. The stand must be presentable in all directions, so that from a visitor perspective it looks neat and tidy. The walls of the neighbouring stand must not be used to hang decorations or posters nor must they be used to support structures on your stand.

The standard height of stand structures is 250 cm. At many events a charge is made for the extra visibility provided by higher structures. Raised floors and suspended elements give your stand impact and appeal.

At each event Expomark is partnered with an expert team of builders. Through Expomark it is possible to purchase ready-made stand packages. Alternatively, a quotation for design of your stand can be requested separately from the event builders.

Spaces between stands or between the stand and the wall of the exhibition hall may not be used for storage for reasons of fire safety. Should you need storage space this can be designed into the stand or, if goods are not needed on the stand, it may be possible to arrange separate storage space for the duration of the event – please enquire.

A stand can be decorated in a multitude of ways: with photo prints, taping, banders, claddings and panels, carpeting and greenery. It pays to explore the options offered by Expomark’s service partners. Furnishings can be rented from our stand building partners or brought with you.

All goods, moving images projected onto walls or ceilings as well as distribution of brochures or product samples must remain within the boundaries of your stand. Distribution of gas-filled balloons is not permitted in all event locations, so this is something to check on in advance.

Suspension elements must be ordered from Expomark’s service partners. In the event halls suspended elements are installed by just one operator. Please ask for guidelines and more detailed information about the event in question.

All structures that exceed the standard height of 2,5 metres must be situated at least 2 metres from the neighbouring stand. Exceptions to this are possible only if agreed with the neighbouring stand concerned, preferably in writing. This guideline does not apply to exhibits.

At some events a charge is made for additional advertising space. All structures and decorations that exceed the standard height of 2,5 metres can be considered additional advertising space. Enquire about charges for additional advertising space at the event in which you are participating.

Please check on available data networks in the event information. The practice varies according to where the event is held. A wireless open network is not available in all locations, but well-functioning network connections can be arranged at all events.

Expomark’s service partner offers a specialist service where the provision of necessary audiovisual equipment and lighting is concerned. Stands can be equipped with monitors, audio systems, different kinds of projection techniques and even large screens. Lighting, too, gives your stand extra appeal and here as well various solutions are available. Do get in touch with the event’s AV partner.

Power connections are always ordered from the event’s service partner; there is only one operator per event that handles electrical work. In the majority of cases a basic power connection is included in the basic package. Make sure that your order includes the necessary power connection. If you require night electricity on your stand in order to power technical devices or a refrigerator, for example, remember to order a 24hr connection to make sure there is no interruption at night. If you also need power after the event has closed, it pays to give advance notification of this.

Stand-specific electrics are fitted in accordance with the order placed and installation drawings. Event-specific guidelines explain in greater detail how to order power connections.

In the case of water, drain and compressed air connections there must be a floor outlet on your stand or close to it. Should you require HVAC connections, please state this when reserving your stand position. The location and availability of floor outlets varies from hall to hall. At events Expomark has its own HVAC partner through whom all work of this kind is handled.

Construction, event and dismantling phases

Delivery of goods to the event location in advance is possible for a limited period of time. Check when goods should be delivered as well as the correct delivery address in the guidelines relating to the event in question.

When delivering goods to the stand using your own carrier, forwarder or courier service, it is a good idea for the recipient to be on the stand to sign for the delivery. Neither the organiser nor staff at the event venue can acknowledge receipt of a consignment on your behalf.

At the majority of events delivery of goods can also be agreed with the event’s logistics partner.

During the construction phase goods may be delivered straight to the stand via service doors that are open. During construction access to the event area is only possible with a constructor or exhibitor permit.

Stand construction, dismantling and service times as well as the service doors in use can be found in the event guidelines. At all times access to the event area is only possible with a pass or constructor/exhibitor permit.

The company’s contact person can send passes to those requiring them by email or as a text message from eShop service. Recipients can print their passes in advance or in the Event Office at the venue itself.

The Event Office provides exhibitors with assistance at all Expomark events. Opening times and contact information can found in the event guidelines.

At event venues there is always a restaurant partner from whom lunch and coffee vouchers can be purchased in advance as well as anything you may wish to serve on your stand.

At many event venues there is also a break room or club available to exhibitors, in other words a quiet space where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or perhaps catch up with the day’s email.

Cleaning, electrical, construction and other services are covered in the Designing the stand section and more detailed information on these can always be found in the guidelines for the event concerned.

Dismantling does not begin until the event has closed. The terms of participation in the event lay out possible penalties for tearing down before the event has finished. The timetable for dismantling as well as other important information can be found in the event guidelines. The dismantling phase extends most commonly until the evening of the following day. Possible despatches of goods must be agreed in advance. Collection at a later juncture depends on the event venue, so it pays to check on this, too, ahead of time.