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Events bring together specialists, know-how and solutions

Premier branch-specific events are the place to do business as well as build networks while surrounded by the very latest expertise and newest solutions in a particular field.

For exhibitors, trade fairs constitute a unique medium for showing off solutions and meeting a large number of branch actors within a limited time. An event is a natural forum for bringing out different perspectives, and for generating new encounters that may even surprise. The spot to connect with branch representatives from a wide range of sectors and tasks. Meetings should generally be agreed in advance, but it is also rewarding to engage spontaneously in conversations.

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Kuva Pohjoinen Teollisuus messujen osastolta, näytteilleasettajat moikkaavat teollisuuslaitteiden välistä

Northern Industry

Pohjoinen Teollisuus – Northern Industry is a major event that brings together success builders from Finland’s north 22.-23.5.2024 Oulu.

Kuva Energiamessujen päälavalta, jossa puheenvuoroa seuraa suuri joukko kiinnostunutta väkeä

The Energy Event

The largest event in the energy branch showcases smart and sustainable solutions across the board 22.-24.10.2024 Tampere.

Proforestissa esittelyssä suuret metsäkoneet


Finland’s leading event for forestry and forest machinery is scheduled to take place at Kalajoki airport 23.-24.5.2025.

Kuva Hyvä Ikä -tapahtumasta, Camp Mobilityn osastolta, missä tutustutaan rollaattorin käyttöön

Good Age

Dedicated to elderly care and aging, the Hyvä Ikä – Good Age event will be staged at Messukeskus Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre 2.-3.10.2024.

Kuva Fysioterapia & Kuntoutus -tapahtumasta Fysiolinen osastolta, missä opastetaan laitteiden käyttöä

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Staged concurrently with Good Age, this specialist event brings together a variety of professionals in physiotherapy and rehabilitation 2.-3.10.2024 Messukeskus Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre.

Kuva Apuväline-tapahtumasta, esittelyssä kuvakommunikaatio näytöltä.

Assistive Technology

This major event in assistive technology connects professionals, decision-makers and users of assistive devices 6.-8.11.2025 Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre.

Assistive technology | Rehabilitation | Accessibility