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Encounters. Perspectives. Insights.

Expomark’s expertise lies in bringing influencers in their own fields together in a setting of up-to-the-minute knowledge and practical solutions. At these events people can get excited about their own branch, encounters and jointly developing a better future. Encounters generate new insights, shared knowledge and productive cooperation.

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Face-to-face media

In face-to-face media you encounter exactly the right target group quite literally face-to-face. Authentic encounters present an opportunity for networking, becoming inspired, sampling, doing business and propelling the sector forward in a unique manner.

About Expomark

Expomark arranges premier events in different sectors in various places, including Tampere, Oulu, Kalajoki, Helsinki and Riihimäki. The company is part of the Finnish Fair Corporation.


Sustainability is one of Expomark’s three values together with collective force and renewal. We pay attention to social and economic responsibility in everything we do, as well as the impacts of our operations on the environment.

Expomark is part of the Finnish Fair Corporation

Finland’s largest event organiser stages a variety of quality events and rents facilities and services to create arenas for the same.

Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre
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